Daniel R. Perlman, Attorney

Daniel started The Perlman Law Group in 2006 in the San Fernando Valley. The firm moved three times before finding its now permanent residence in Hollywood. Daniel's philosophy of preventative lawyering and client centered approach have helped grow a very positive reputation throughout the community, landing the firm atop the rankings are a variety of review sites around the internet.

Daniel's background in psychology and history play a significant role in developing excellent rapport with prosecutors and judges. He is respected and recognized in various courts throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding counties where he works on a daily basis.

From a secondary education at Berkeley High School, a bachelor's degree from U.C. Santa Barbara and a doctorate of law from Catholic University of America, Daniel is able to draw from a diverse background when working his skills in court.

By focusing all of his post law school efforts on criminal defense, Daniel is able to put more than a decade of knowledge and experience behind every case he handles, including a short stint as a Rule 13 prosecutor in Maryland as he was finishing law school. He believes that "this really allows me to apply unique insight to my client's interests in court. I am often able to get inside the head of the prosecutor, understanding what it will take to settle the case favorably for my client."

Over the years, the firm has grown, but never so large that he doesn't have his hand in every case that comes through the door. "That's where I draw the line. I don't want to ever get so big that I am selling myself but not supplying the goods."

On the topic of why he chose defense work, Daniel says, "Of course, I am running a business here… But my primary reward and what gets me out of bed every day is that I have a chance to help people… That's my motivation."

Matthew J. Cohen, Associate Attorney

Matthew joined the Perlman Law Group in 2012 and quickly grew his role with the practice. His affable spirit and quick mind are a trusty weapon for the firm when it comes to representing clients in misdemeanors. His record of pulling off seemingly miraculous plea bargains continues to grow and impress.

With a background in engineering before he was drawn to law, Matthew has developed sharp analytical skills that aid in his daily work on cases throughout Southern California.

Family is very important to Matthew, and when he's not working his cases in and out of court, you are likely to find him helping coach his son's baseball team or volunteering at his school. He also likes to run which helps him stay in shape. Balance is very important in defense work and Matthew is able to always bring his A game because he is a master at striking that balance.

Though Matthew didn't see himself as a defense attorney when he began his legal career, he knew he had found his niche when he began dabbling in the field. After spending countless hours interning in the field, he obtained practical experience as an appearance attorney and eventual joined the firm and has since cemented his place as a prominent advocate for the accused.

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