Spousal Abuse

A second charge in this category exists under California Law. Spousal Battery is treated as less serious than domestic violence and in fact is often punished less severely and comes with fewer collateral consequences. The method of defending a 243(e)(1) charge however does not differ markedly from domestic violence itself. The charge is still a wobbler under California law, meaning that it can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor and even if you are convicted of a felony, the charges can later be reduced to a misdemeanor once probation is terminated.


There are two types of probation in California.

Formal or Felony or Supervised Probation results from a felony conviction. Adding insult to injury, someone convicted of a felony will be placed on a term of probation – most often three years that requires regular contact with a probation officer, known as "checking in" and may also result in visits to your home to search and question you. As if this isn't uncomfortable enough, you also have to pay for it.

Informal Probation, also known as Court Probation, Misdemeanor Probation or Unsupervised Probation is significantly different from Formal grants of probation. There is no supervisory officer, there are no requirements or risks in most cases other than "obey all laws. "It's more of the just in case you didn't realize we were serious… probation. There are also no fees for informal grants of probation.

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